Q&A Alan Mercer interview with Madleen Kane
What made you decide to write this book?

It was no easy for me to decide to write this book, but I felt I needed to do it for my fans for me, and my family, it was in my mind for many years.

Did you question how much you should share about you in this book?

No I did not question that never, for the moment I decided to write it was clear to me that I should share all of it and the trues. No make ups cosmetics or flowers to make it pretty lecture, just RAW.

What is the purpose of publishing your life story?

Well I though about other young women to help if you will, or inspire them about life in generaland help regarding substance abuse, sex abuse, and how important is to keep your family together, trying is not enough sometime keep your self reflecting in your action and your parent’s duties with love and understanding.

Can you share a story from your modeling days that you dint put on the book?

When I first begin writing my first draft of the book was long with many anecdote regarding all kinds of abuses by men’s and people in general, some of them famous people. So I decided to edit and do my second draft, I did three draft altogether till I settle for this one publish today, is 250 pages and is straight to the point. I remember my first experience in New York with photographers I was only 15 years’ old and in one photo- shoot the photographer begin to touch me all over in my private parts and I felt very uncomfortable, but I didn’t know if this was normal or not so I ask the other models if it was normal. They told me no at all I should reported to the agency. Yes, I did have few anecdotes like that I did not put on my book, but maybe one day I will do my Biography and tell about other things. I believe this book “Rough Diamond” has all compacted like it was.

You tell a few frighten stories from your life spark any emotions again?

Yes,it was no easy writing about it remember such stories it made me cry few times and they’re thing I will never forget in my life and it did affect me then and affect me today.

Did you find it cathartic to relieve these times again?

Absolutely I feel certain relive today after writing this book I feel like I don’t carry heavy weight anymore, is all out, and I’m sober I’m clear in my mind but sounds all nice but I still fighting and probably I will fight the rested of my life sobriety but being sober is the best feeling in my mind, spirit and body. Is too late for regrets for my catastrophic drinking days, what count is today and tomorrow the pass is gone.

Do you feel like your life will remain calmer?

My life already changes 360 degreed I’m in a new process of creativity, yes calmer and enjoying feeling healthy.

Do you want to get married again?

Well if the right man comes alone who knows, that door is open,

Your book would make a great movie. Is something you would like?

This book would make a great movie for sure, is not Star is Born, no this is reality no fantasies.