Madleen Kane, Bio

Madleen Kane Was born in Malmo Sweden 1958 from an Artistic father and ex model mother. She grow-up with two younger sisters. At early age she shows her artistic skills singing and modeling at early age of 14 tears old. At 15 she wins the “Dream Girl” on those day was like Miss SwedenPageantcontest in Malmo.

After that she become an international model in Europe, Japan and Sweden. She was discovered in Paris, France by a music promoter and she record her first album at the age of 18. “Rough Diamond” becoming number one in the charters. She married at 19 to a business man and producer of her music. Becoming the Queen of disco music.

She records five albums, all them very successful. She moves to South of California from Paris, France where she live till then. After her divorce her first husband she married a Belgium business man and had three children and become dedicated wife and mother. She stops her singing career when she was on top.

Madleen now she is writing, painting and she may soon produce another album. She found that writing is something she love to do so we may see many books coming from her in the near future after this personal Memoir. .